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We help software companies and teams to become more successful

  • Deliver software of higher quality, earlier, and at a lower cost
  • Greatly increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce risks
  • Increase employee happiness and motivation, so that staff turnover is reduced and productivity increased

Our services include

  • Process and methodology tuning and transition for organisations and teams. To help them transition to ones more suitable for their specific needs (e.g., transitions to Agile development).
    We have helped our clients to transition and fine tune their methodologies and processes for projects of various sizes—from small ones, composed of one or few small co-located teams, up to big projects, composed of hundreds of people distributed among many, geographically distributed, teams
  • Health checks for projects, teams and organisations. To assess the current status and see what can be improved to better achieve their goals
  • Coaching, mentoring and training for
    • Development teams. This can be either traditional coaching to help them work better as teams (as opposed to groups of individuals); or technical coaching and mentoring to learn new skills or refine existing ones—e.g., user stories, test driven development, automated testing, continuous integration, design, etc.
    • Individual developers, testers and architects. To acquire new skills or refine existing ones (e.g., test driven development, automated testing, continuous integration, design, etc.)
    • Software development managers at all levels. To sharpen their management, leadership, and communication skills for better results
    • Agile coaches. To sharpen their skills, and to help them adapt their approaches to the contexts of their teams

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